Upcoming 2017 LEGO sets range looks impressive. When I was preparing this article I had difficult time pointing out only 5 sets that I would like to buy. And this list includes only those revealed so far. Let’s take a look at my top five. I hope I will be able to buy and review them for you.

1st place

LEGO Batman

First spot is reserved for LEGO Batman Movie. All sets from this movie look excellent but there is one that looks absolutely amazing – 70911 The Penguin Arctic Roller. This car has excellent retro look and is so Penguin-like. With two nice minigs it’s on the top of my list. Don’t get me wrong, I want all LEGO Batman Movie sets, but this one the most.

2nd place

LEGO DC Superhero Girls

41230 Batgirl Batjet Chase. We stay with superheroes but this time from slightly different angle. All DC Hero Girls sets have special minifigures or minidols as they are called. Batgirl minidoll is excellent and it’s main reason that I want this set in my collection. Also Batjet is very nice. It’s small but excellent set.

3rd place

LEGO Disney

Time for something bigger. 41148 Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace is a new version of this iconic palace and it’s even better than the first one. Small snowmen, lots of blue transparent pieces and overall look makes it almost most wanted of 2017 sets. I know my son will love it but I’m not sure I will let him play with it.

4th place

LEGO Star Wars

There are many interesting new Star Wars sets. People get excited about Admiral Thrawn minifigure but something else caught my eye. 75172 Y-wing Starfighter will be second version of this iconic model in my collection. This model has 4 minifigures and one astro-droid. Additional equipment is also a nice touch.

5th place

LEGO Technic

At last but not least LEGO technic 42066 Air Race Jet. This set looks as something worth putting on a display. I believe it will have high playability especially with included motor functions. With more than 1000 pieces it will be challenging build that I look forward to.